#27: How To Grow Your Syndication Business with Whitney Sewell

podcast Nov 06, 2019

Whitney Sewell, founder of Life Bridge Capital LLC works with accredited investors to improve their investment returns via the exceptional opportunities that multifamily syndication offers. Life Bridge Capital now has over 900 doors valued at over $120 Million. Whitney and I discuss how to grow your syndication business!  

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How To Grow Your Syndication Business with Whitney Sewell

Whitney had been working a job under an agency for the DOT. While the job was great, Whitney knew that it was still a job. He had been looking for a way out when he came across real estate investing. 

 Whitney owned a 15-unit apartment when he knew he wanted to scale faster. He started networking, raising money, and looking for apartments like crazy. Whitney jumped into the world of syndication with both feet. 

In this episode you'll also learn:

  • Why you should partner with investors who have a track record
  • How to split your business with a partner 
  • How to make excellent connections that makes others want to invest with you
  • Why you need to get people from point A to point B in a systematic way
  • What Whitney has learned from adopting 3 children 

Connect with Whitney: 

Whitney's website

Whitney's email: [email protected] 

Whitney's number: (540)-585-4338

Whitney's podcast

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How to swim with the sharks without being eaten alive 

Multifamily Investing Academy

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