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#66: The Benefits of Turnkey Investing with Xander Cruz

podcast Aug 05, 2020

This is a great story of how a young guy graduates from college, then through pure happenstance, he gets into the real estate business. Seven years later he has over 300 homes, a staff of over 20 people, and is running a real (and I stress the real) business doing it all THE RIGHT WAY.

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The Benefits of Turnkey Investing with Xander Cruz

Xander is a full-time real estate investor of 7 years from Baltimore, MD. Xander is the Director of CR of Maryland where they have 350 single-family properties in Baltimore owned and under management, will rehab and sell 140+ turnkeys in 2020, have done 400+ flips in Baltimore, and 400+ wholesales in Baltimore.

In this episode you'll learn: 

  • How Xander received his start in real estate 
  • How Xander his partner, Craig Reich, create boundaries in the business 
  • Why the average cost of renovation for Xander is $75,000
  • The process of finding investors 
  • How coronavirus has had an impact on his business 
  • How to properly manage your properties 
  • Why you need to understand the different areas in each city you invest in

Connect with Xander: 

Xander's company website

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