#56: How To Start A Residential Assisted Living Facility with Gene Guarino

podcast May 27, 2020

Gene is the founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy. The RAL Academy is the premier source for education in owning, operating, and investing in Residential Assisted Living and senior housing. Gene has trained thousands of people from across the country how to turn single-family homes into cash flow machines. RAL Academy’s motto is Do Good and Do Well. Gene has written 4 books and hosted 3 radio shows and has spoken in 5 countries and over 50 cities in the last year alone!

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How To Start A Residential Assisted Living Facility with Gene Guarino 

Gene had his first real estate transaction when he was 18 and has been on the ground running ever since. Fast forward a couple of decades, Gene's mother's health issues started to kickup and he vowed to create a residential assisted living. Since having his 'ah-ha' moment with his mother, Gene has trained thousands of investors and entrepreneurs throughout the United States how to invest in and operate residential assisted living homes. 

In this episode you'll learn: 

  • Why RAL is both a real estate and food play
  • #1 key to success in RAL 
  • Why it's more important to find the tenant than the property 
  • Why it's necessary to get out in the field 
  • How to have a RAL in a neighborhood and abide by the law

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