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Build A Successful Multifamily Real Estate Investment Business That Will Provide You and Your Family with The Lifestyle That You Could Have Never Believed Possible.
Techniques So Simple... When You Have the Right Team on Your Side... and Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens Looking Over Your Shoulder EVERY Step of the Way 

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... and Take A Look at What Just  Some of My Successful Clients Have to Say

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I had some real estate experience as I had accumulated a small portfolio of single family properties.  Having made the decision to go into multifamily, I quickly realized I had a lot to learn.  Everything’s different than in the SFR world.  Charlie and the MFIA have held my hand through the different processes involved in multifamily and I feel incredible more confident today than when I started.  From how to search for deals, to analyze potential deals, to making offers to go into contract and to manage the properties, all these steps have complications but Charlie and the MFIA have been with me at every one of these steps and have made them easier for me.  In addition, Charlie has an incredible community of student/investors who are willing to share their knowledge and help each other.  That is extremely valuable for me.  I look forward to continuing to work with Charlie and his group for many years going forward.
- Francisco Alzuru
Miami, FL
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Charlie has been a mentor to me for quite a few years now.  Multifamily investing has changed my life in an amazing way, freed my family from the rat race, given us our own time back, and I cannot thank Charlie enough for his guidance. Charlie changed my life!

- Dave Barker
Perry Hall, MD
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My former 9 -5 emphasis was Financial Consulting, Insurance, and entrepreneurial projects such as starting new companies.  About 2.5 years ago, I determined that commercial real estate investing/ownership (and particularly Multi-family investing/ownership) was the niche for me.  After evaluating a number of sources, I determined that Charles was the type of instructor and mentor that fit my needs.  Charles' training and attention have propelled me and I am well on my way to meeting my goals within the next three years (1000 units). His knowledge is excellent and his delivery and availability are great. Like anything you may want to succeed in, Charles teaches that concentrated effort, learning the business, and a great attitude are imperative.

- James O'Connor
Scottsdale, AZ
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(“If we put all the successful clients of Charles Dobens in, we might break the Internet!”)

YES! I Want To Get Started In Multifamily Investing! Let’s Schedule a Call to Talk More About It!

 Here's Exactly What You Can Expect with the Multifamily Investing Academy's MultifamilyOS™ Program

Multifamily Marketing System ($6,964 Value)

  • This customer relationship management software and Virtual Assistant service is the shortcut for you to start marketing to the owners of the properties that meet your investment criteria within your market, as well as a system to connect you to the investment brokers of multifamily properties in your market and, at the same time, systematically connect you to your investors. Start your business the RIGHT WAY and RIGHT AWAY with over 1,000 property leads and all the brokers in your market loaded into your CRM for instant access. (Visit our Marketing Program page for ALL the details of this program)


 MultifamilyOS™ Training Program ($15,000 Value)

  • This educational training system developed over the last ten years will take you step-by-step through the entire process of acquiring multifamily property while, at the same time, connect you with the greatest group of like-minded real estate investors. This training has been referred to as the equivalent of a Masters-level training in multifamily investing and includes some of the best teachers/trainers in the industry. You will be able to proceed through any issues with confidence that you have the answers at your fingertips. Get pushed out of the "nest" and start your multifamily business the RIGHT WAY and RIGHT AWAY with the knowledge that all answers for any potential problem or concern are now at your fingertips.


 Access to Charles Dobens, The Multifamily Attorney ($35,000 Value)

  • Can you imagine being in the middle of a deal and having the bank or the broker or even the owner call you with those dreaded words, “We have a problem!” What do you do? Well, if you are in the MultifamilyOS™ Program, the answer is simple, you pick up the phone and call Charles Dobens directly.  His expert advice and consulting are the shortcuts to helping you make offers, analyze deals, draft purchase and sale agreements and talk to the brokers and the banks knowing that you have one of the top multifamily transactional attorneys advising, consulting and looking over your shoulder every step of the way through the process. Walk into any broker situation, any owner negotiation and any investor conversation with confidence. Spend your time enjoying life as the millionaire investor you have always dreamed of being. FULL DISCLAIMER – Even though Attorney Dobens is a licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in good standing with the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers, in all his dealings with you he will look, act and feel like an attorney, but does not and will not represent you in that capacity. His services are equivalent to consulting services, and you WILL hire local counsel when you get a deal under contract. Mr. Dobens will work with your attorney throughout process and provide zealous advocacy on your behalf but is not licensed to provide legal services in any other state other than Massachusetts.


Total Value: $ 56,964*

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And of course, you're fully protected with our...One Year Guarantee!!!

The MultifamilyOS™ Program is a unique program in the real estate education industry. The coaching platform tracks your progress and allows our staff to monitor your achievements every step of the way. As a MultifamilyOS™ member, client engagement is crucial to your success, and we are so confident of the strength of our program that we can guarantee the following: The initial payment for membership is for a 12-month commitment.

After the first year, the membership reverts to a monthly subscription service. Many of our original coaching students from our initial programs are still clients and continue to enjoy the benefits of membership and working with Attorney Dobens after close to ten years. If after the first year, you have not acquired a property but have performed all the necessary steps as detailed in the programs Terms and Conditions (e.g., complete all training lessons, complete all tasks, submit 10 offers over the first 12 months) then all payments from you to us will stop until you purchase your first property at which time, it is at your option to continue with the monthly membership fee – no obligation, no long-term contract. 

This is your chance to...

Get Started Building All Aspects of a Multifamily Real Estate Investment Business and Within the First Two Weeks Your New Multifamily Marketing System Will Start Reaching Out to Your Customers On Your Behalf...

Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to…

βœ”  Build a Successful Multifamily Real Estate Investment Company That Will Provide You and Your Family with The Lifestyle That You Could Have Never Imagined.

βœ”  Answer To No One And Build a Legacy for Their Family That Lives Long After You Are Gone

βœ”  Get Started Creating All Aspects of a Multifamily Real Estate Investment Business

βœ”  Create All the Necessary System and Resources That Will Need to Build That Business

βœ”  Put All the Systems Together to Get Started in Multifamily Investing

βœ”   Live A Life on Your Terms Never Having to Answer to Anyone

βœ”  Build Your Multifamily Real Estate Investment Business the RIGHT WAY And RIGHT AWAY

βœ”  Do It All Without Having to Reinvent the Wheel by Coming Up With New Systems When You Know Someone Else Has Already Done It For You

βœ”  ... and Much, MUCH More!

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Here's Everything You Get From Day One:

βœ”   Multifamily Marketing System ($6,964 Value)

βœ”  MultifamilyOS™ Training Program ($15,000 Value)

βœ”   Access to The Multifamily Attorney ($35,000 Value)

Total Value
$ 56,964*

YES! I Want To Get Started In Multifamily Investing! Let’s Schedule a Call to Talk More About It!