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From the Desk of: Charles Dobens, Esq., The Multifamily Attorney and the Founder of the Multifamily Investing Academy


Re: How To Use Charles Dobens’ Employees to Start Your Multifamily Marketing Team


Dear Fellow Multifamily Investor,


Does this sound like you?


You're a new multifamily investor who dreams of someday owning a portfolio of apartments and living the life that only a few short years before, could have only dreamed of.


Currently, you're focused on finding multifamily deals, analyzing those deals and then getting your first offer accepted. 


However, right this minute you would be ecstatic if you could just find one good deal.


But unfortunately, you have yet to figure out how to find the deals before everyone else does which is preventing you from moving forward.


You're also probably really frustrated by the fact that even if you found the right deal, you have neglected to build the pipeline of cash investor you know you are going to need to close that deal and put that first notch in your holster.


I know how that feels because I've been there myself... lots of times!


In fact, I struggled for a long time trying to answer this one question: "Am I even looking in the right place, in the right market"?


Chances are you've also struggled with the idea that most great deals must come from insider trading or special knowledge of the market that others (like you) don't have access to (which is bumming you out).


In fact, when it comes to finding multifamily deals, you might even have a sneaky suspicion that the other investors actually hope you FAIL!


When all is said and done, you just want to build a multifamily real estate investment business the RIGHT WAY, live a life on your terms, and avoid failing to even make your first deal because you could never find one.


Oh, and the icing on the cake would be if you could start to see results in as little as 7 days!


If this sounds at all like you and your situation, then I'd like to invite you to check out...


The Multifamily Investing Academy 
Marketing Team System


The Multifamily Investing Academy Your Marketing Team System makes it easy for you to build the marketing department for your multifamily real estate investment business the RIGHT WAY and find that first deal before the competition even knows that it was ever available.


You’re gonna LOVE this! Here’s just a taste of what you get inside Multifamily Investing Academy Your Marketing Team system…

  • Your own Executive Assistant (EA) who is employed by me, trained by me and works for you to run your marketing department for your multifamily business


  • Use of my Standard Operation Procedures for how I maintain my marketing programs for my Investors, Owners and Brokers.


  • Access to my custom designed Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that is specifically designed by me to communicate with the Investors, Owners and Brokers that your EA will manage and run on your behalf.


  • Use of all my direct mail templates to reach out to owners of multifamily properties on a monthly basis using the direct mail feature of the CRM.


  • Use of all my email templates to reach out to multifamily brokers to maintain and foster contact with them.


  • Uploading all multifamily property data accessed from the tax assessors’ offices in the markets you have chosen and updated continually allowing you to focus on the properties that you have the highest likelihood of acquiring!


Now, that's a tall promise, and at this point you might be asking...

Who Is Charles Dobens, The Multifamily Attorney And Why Should I Listen To Him?


I have been a successful real estate investor for over fifteen years now, specializing in nothing but multifamily property. For the last ten years, I have coached and consulted to over a thousand multifamily investors, some having never purchased a property before they came to me, all the way to successful investors now owning over 6,000 units. 


I couldn’t tell you how many units my students have acquired over those ten years. Probably the equivalent of a small Midwestern city.


I’m not going to sugar-coat this, but let me just say, because the multifamily market is so strong now and probably will be for years to come due to the demand for our product, it is getting harder and harder for the new multifamily investors to find deals before other, more seasoned investors do.


How are they able to move so quickly while others haven’t even put their pants on yet?


I have studied this issue for years and I have identified two things that set the successful investor apart from everyone else.


First, they know who their customers are and they cater to them. That may sound simple but let me ask you one question (and don’t read ahead for the answer, really see if you can get this right).


Who are the three groups of customers that every multifamily investor needs to cater to on a regular basis?




They are the Investors, Owners and Brokers.


Secondly, these investors have systems in their business that automate their marketing efforts with all of these customers.


I came to this realization when I was teaching a class about how to find deals where no one else is looking. This is a class based upon a video that I had shot years ago where I spend over one hour and forty minutes teaching investors some of the best places that no one else looks to for multifamily deals. (I provide that video as a Bonus when you start this System).


That’s when one of the students came up to me after class and said “Charlie, that is great stuff and I have tried all those techniques but I didn’t get any results from it.”


Then I asked, how many times did you try it and they sheepishly responded that they had only tried once.


Folks, this is a business. If you honestly think that you are going to achieve the great success of owning a portfolio of multifamily property by just asking a few owners if you can buy their property, then you will never achieve greatness.


But as a coach, I knew that finding fault with his answer was not going to solve the problem. I needed to come up with a solution.


That’s when I thought to myself, I already have the system in place and I have my employees who are trained in working the system and I have the custom-developed CRM software to track all contact with the three types of customers. 


What if, using my tools and employees, I create a system that any investor can access and build the marketing system that all new multifamily investing businesses need to succeed.


Folks, allow me to introduce to you the MFIA Your Marketing Team System.


It does not get any better, any easier, any faster to have the best multifamily “marketing department” at your fingertips in no time flat.


All you have to do is register below, complete the onboarding questionnaire and schedule a time for your initial meeting with YOUR NEW EMPLOYEE. Behind the scenes, we will have started setting up your CRM based upon the market that you choose and uploading a database of multifamily properties and their owner information.


Once we get that completed, you will dictate to your new Executive Assistant how often you want to send out direct mail pieces (our CRM handles that for you too) and we do it automatically every month at your direction.


What about connecting with Investors? You are going to love this one. We have a custom-designed questionnaire that we will post on your own webpage (if you don’t have a webpage, not to worry, we will set you up). You send the link to everyone you know and have them complete the questionnaire. Once they hit the Enter button – BAM – they are no in the CRM as potential investors and you can start marketing to them.


You can let them know about every property you are looking at with the push of a button.


Want to blast out a text when you get an offer accepted? The CRM system does that for you. 


No better way to chum the waters with your money sources than with our CRM system


What about a monthly newsletter to connect with your investors with some in-depth discussion of why multifamily is a great investment?


Yup, we do that for you as well. We draft tow of three sections in a monthly investor newsletter. You draft the third in your own voice. Upload your section to your Executive Assistant, they will add it to the newsletter and we send it out on your behalf with your name on it.


No better way to achieve success in this business than through building relationships consistently. No better way then the use of our CRM that is already set up for you.


Finally, how do you consistently connect with multifamily brokers in your market? 


Not an issue.


From the moment you enroll, we start sourcing the websites where we can find the “above-the-radar” brokers as well as what I affectionately refer to as “below- the-radar” brokers.


In your initial conversation with your Executive Assistant, you will discuss how you would like to communicate with these brokers. We build the contact base and follow your lead so that you are reaching out to these brokers on a regular basis.


Can you imagine if I had this system put together and ready to go when my student complained about not being able to consistently reach out to the customers?


I would not have had to listen to the whining.


And he may have closed on that first deal already.


Now, no one has any more excuses. This System handles it all for you.


As Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, says, if you don’t have an Executive Assistant, then you are one.


Hire your first employee. I’ve already trained them. I have given them the tools that made me successful and now I give them to you.


Don’t miss this opportunity.

Book a call with me here so you and I can personally meet over Zoom and see if this is the right program for you: Book a Call With Charles Dobens 


I look forward to working with you.

Wonder what it's like working with me? Here's what some people say...

Take A Look At This ...

"My VA overwhelmed me with actual leads! I have been in the business a long time and I know this stuff (Charles' Marketing System) works."

- David Farris

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My former 9 -5 emphasis was Financial Consulting, Insurance, and entrepreneurial projects such as starting new companies.  About 2.5 years ago, I determined that commercial real estate investing/ownership (and particularly Multi-family investing/ownership) was the niche for me.  After evaluating a number of sources, I determined that Charles was the type of instructor and mentor that fit my needs. His training and attention have propelled me and I am well on my way to meeting my goals within the next three years (1000 units). His knowledge is excellent and his delivery and availability are great. Like anything you may want to succeed in, Charles teaches that concentrated effort, learning the business, and a great attitude are imperative.

-James O'Connor
Scottsdale, AZ


Charlie's program is fantastic, the people in the group are wonderful. I absolutely love Charlie’s candor and his care for his students’ success.


-Mike Ryan

Haddonfield, NJ






Charlie's program is simply incredible. Specifically, Charlie, and his community provide structure to acquire any size apartment.  When you have questions, Charlie answers the phone directly.  And most importantly, he truly cares about his students, and their success.  I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to acquire multifamily properties!


-Ashley Wilson
Newtown Square, PA




When we decided to scale our RE biz from single family buy and holds to owning and operating apartments, we were fortunate to be referred to Multifamily Atty Charles Dobens and his Investing Academy. His online library is a wealth of “insider” information, and his direct-mentoring approach is very much appreciated.

- Chris and Janie Farmer

Orange County, CA 



I had some real estate experience as I had accumulated a small portfolio of single family properties.  Having made the decision to go into multifamily, I quickly realized I had a lot to learn.  Everything’s different than in the SFR world.  Charlie and the MFIA have held my hand through the different processes involved in multifamily and I feel incredibly more confident today than when I started.  From how to search for deals, to analyzing potential deals, to making offers to go into contract and to manage the properties, all these steps have complications but Charlie and the MFIA have been with me at every one of these steps and have made them easier for me.  In addition, Charlie has an incredible community of students/investors who are willing to share their knowledge and help each other.  That is extremely valuable for me.  I look forward to continuing to work with Charlie and his group for many years going forward.

-Francisco Alzuru 

Miami, FL

Charlie has been a mentor to me for quite a few years now.  Multifamily investing has changed my life in an amazing way, freed my family from the rat race, given us our own time back, and I cannot thank Charlie enough for his guidance. Charlie changed my life!


-Dave Barker

Perry Hall, MD

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This Is What You Get From Your Very Own Personal VA (and our VAs are so awesome!):

  1. Upload up to 1,000 property leads into the CRM that meet the Client’s market and investment requirements
  2. Upload as many brokers that meet the market criteria for the Client into the CRM that can be identified through CoStar.
  3. Daily, the VA will email the brokers and attempt to connect with them in order to determine if there are any opportunities that will be available to the Client in the near future.
  4. Daily, the VA will work through the CRM for properties and their owners.
  5. Any contact or action on the part of the VA will result in a task sent to the Client to move these opportunities through the process.
  6. If a property owner is contacted, regardless of the outcome of that call (i.e., property not for sale) that lead will be tagged for a follow up in 6 months and a task is sent to the Client
  7. Once a broker is contacted, they will be re-engaged every 30 days via email by the VA and any resulting communication will be forwarded to the Client for follow up.
  8. Your VA will skiptrace any Property Owners so they can be reached out to directly.
  9. VAs will request OMs from brokers on Client’s behalf
  10. Every Monday morning, your VA will send you an email asking if there is anything specific that you need accomplished for the upcoming week.
  11. Every Friday, your VA will send you over a task report to show you what has transpired over the course of the week and what you will need to do to move the leads through your system.
  12. VAs will monitor and run your direct mail campaign that is integrated through our CRM and
  13. VA will reach out to your Investors on a systematic basis at your direction.
  14. Your VA will be an extension of your business and will assist you in the sales and marketing aspects of your multifamily company.

And of course you're fully protected with our...


30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

 If The MFIA "Your Marketing Team" System doesn't show you exactly how to find a good deal... if it doesn't pave the way for you to build a successful multifamily real estate investment company long term... and if it fails to help you build a multifamily real estate investment business the RIGHT WAY... then I don't want your money. We'll give it all back - no questions asked - no hard feelings!

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Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The  Multifamily Investing Academy "Your Marketing Team" System


  • Start Your Business Immediately The RIGHT WAY With the Use Of a Trained Executive Assistant That Specializes In the Marketing of Multifamily Real Estate Businesses: Instantly build a system that gets the new multifamily investor on the fast track to finding that first deal which means you can maximize your time and find your first deal faster.


  • Access To My Custom-designed Customer Relationship Management System For the Multifamily Investors: Automates the marketing process to your Investors, Owners and Brokers using scheduled tasks and automated processes for emails, phone calls and direct mail and that means you can set and forget your monthly marketing schedule and delegated those tasks to your Executive Assistant getting you your weekends back.


  • Grab My "Million Dollar" Sales Letter And Email Swipe File: See the letters and texts that have worked for me over the years and that means you can see the power of these letters in action and model them for your own business. These letters and emails will be uploaded to your Customer Relationship Management tool automatically and you and your Executive Assistant can modify them to sound like your voice.


  • Build A Database Of Property Information For All The Multifamily Properties In Your Market That Meet Your Criteria: Focus your marketing reach on only those properties that will propel you to your goal of closing your first deals which means that your marketing efforts become laser-focused and enables you to spend your time in the best way possible.


  • Discover How Having A Support Staff Working For You Makes You A Better Business Person: Focus your time on those things that are HIPO (Highest Income Producing Opportunities) which means you can you'll instantly eliminate virtually any and all wasteful actions and make your business lean and goal-focused.
  • Keep in Touch with Your Potential Investors with A Monthly Professionally Designed and Drafted Quarterly Newsletter: All successful multifamily investment businesses remain in touch with their investors on a regular basis letting them know what opportunities they are working on as well as educating the investors as to why multifamily is a great investment. We provide you with a monthly newsletter template that just requires you to discuss your actions over the month. 


  • Provide You With Tools Like Webforms and Weblinks Designed to Capture Potential Leads: We provide you with web forms specifically designed to organize your potential investors, learn their investment goals and start to passively sell the benefits of multifamily to them.


Today, you're getting all of this...

FOR ONLY: $997 set-up fee and $497 per month.
No long-term contracts!

ACT NOW And You'll Also Get  Charles Dobens'
"Multifamily Market Finder" & "How To Find Deals On The Internet Where No One Else Is Looking" Courses!


(This Multifamily Marketing Team  System program is included with the MultifamilyOS™ Mentorship Program - but you can enroll in the Marketing Program as a stand-alone).

Your "Buy Box" | How to Select Your Multifamily Market Training - FREE! ($997 Value)

This special gift to you is a presentation from one of the MultifamilyOS Mentorship program's Quarterly Intensives! This is 3 hours of training on how to choose the right multifamily market.

This excellent training from former student of Charles Dobens, Ashley Wilson of Bar Down Investments, will teach you:

– Defining your "Buy Box" (and what a Buy Box is)
- Market Indicators
- Action Steps
- Bonus: Construction Management

"Determine YOUR Multifamily Market" Training - FREE! ($297 Value)

This presentation is designed to enable any investor to evaluate, define, and source the best multifamily real estate market for themselves and their investors.

This training from Charles Dobens will teach you:

 – Six Step process for identifying your target multifamily market

 – Learn the two Million Dollar Questions that will set you on the right path to multifamily success

 – Find out which websites will give you all the info you need at your fingertips

"How to Find Deals on the Internet Where No One Else is Looking" Training - FREE! ($197 Value)

When you are looking for property, you are essentially prospecting. When you make an offer, you are making a sales pitch to the Seller.

This training from Charles Dobens will teach you:

 – In this lesson, you will learn where to prospect for these new 'customers' and how to get out ahead of the competition. 

 – Find out which websites will give you all the info you need at your fingertips

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This is your chance to...


Build A Successful Multifamily Real Estate Investment Company Starting In 7 Days - Guaranteed!


Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to…

✔️Build A Successful Multifamily Real Estate Investment Company

Be Your Own Boss And Own And Operate Thousands Of Apartments


✔️Find A Good Deal

Get That Deal Under Contract


✔️Close On That Deal And Get Started On Your Multifamily Journey

Find The Deals Before Everyone Else Does


✔️Live A Life On Your Terms


✔️Build A Multifamily Real Estate Investment Business The RIGHT WAY

✔️... and Much, MUCH More!


Claim Your Access to The MFIA "Your Marketing Team"
System Right Now


Here's Everything You Get Today


 You're getting all of this...

FOR ONLY: $997 set-up fee and $497 per month


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It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 AM!


Register now and you'll be on your way to accessing the System and incredible bonuses within just a few minutes… and using it to build a multifamily real estate investment business the RIGHT WAY starting in as little as 7 days!


To your success,


Charles Dobens, Esq. 

The Multifamily Attorney


P.S. - Your Multifamily Investing Academy Marketing Team special price of $997 set-up fee and $497 per month is a "Buy it NOW before it's gone" offer... so act fast!... ..


P.P.S. - Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you find the deals before everyone else does or not? Probably not!


Face it. Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who's "been there and done that" when it comes to finding multifamily deals. Get this System NOW and you can build a multifamily real estate investment business the RIGHT WAY starting in as little as 7 days!


The MFIA Your Marketing Team system is your key to build a successful multifamily real estate investment company, find a good deal, find the deals before everyone else does, and live a life on their terms...


Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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