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A coaching/consulting/
mentoring program like no other for Multifamily Investors of all levels!

*Owner Forum Program is Full & Now Closed to New Members*

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What Would Your Life Look Like If You Owned 1,000 Apartments In The Next  Five Years?




Important Message from Charles!
Why this program can change your life and career forever!


You can spend a DECADE and a FORTUNE figuring this stuff out... or let Charles save you that time and money! 

The Owner Forum Program shows you exactly what to do, what works, how to find deals, make those offers and get them to the closing table! Earn monthly cash flow while leading the life you have always wanted. Just signup now and let Charles shorten your learning curve by giving you the same strategies and checklists he and his mega-successful clients are using RIGHT NOW.

Sign up today and you'll get the best one-on-one and group coaching you need to FINALLY start your multifamily investing business, acquire the number of properties you have dreamed of owning, and earn the monthly cash flow to live the life you have EARNED and DESERVE! Create your dream career and lifestyle RIGHT NOW!

Just start now and test it out. 
If it's not for you, cancel within 30 days for a full, money back guarantee.

All Owner Forum Business Program Levels Include:

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Personal, Customized Coaching from Charles Dobens, Esq.

Charles is there to look over your shoulder every step of the way like no other coach! You will have Charles' cell phone and access to the special Owner Forum email address, so you can reach Charles at any stage of your deal.       


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On-Line Step by Step  Masterclass Courses

Over a thousand hours of video training on how to start a business, how to look for deals, how to analyze a deal, how to make an offer, how to perform due diligence - and how to get your offers to the closing table.

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Weekly LIVE
Group Coaching Calls

Charles Dobens provides a live, weekly group coaching call with a new leson or special industry guest every Monday night! And if you miss the call, you can listen to it - and hundreds of hours of previous calls- at your convenience by visitng your member library.



The Owner Forum is the very best multifamily and apartment investing coaching program you can find! Attorney Charles Dobens has taken his knowledge, experience, and success in multifamily investing and developed systems for overcoming the many obstacles you are bound to encounter. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the best while also being a part of the greatest group of multifamily investors you can find – the other members of the Owner Forum.

The Owner Forum is a membership program which offers you personal coaching from Day One, weekly live group coaching calls, the entire library of Charles Dobens’ training materials, including his new Business Building Program and Multifamily Syndication ToolKit, Due Diligence Masterclass membership in the Slack community group of like-minded, supportive fellow investors,  and more

It is for investors of all levels – new investors to those who own thousands of units already. Upon enrolling in the program, you will complete a thorough Discovery Questionnaire, which Charles will use to create a personal Action Plan for you, whether you are just getting started or own properties already.

This program could be just what you need to get those first deals to the closing table!

You will be finding multifamily deals where no one else is lookingdrafting offers that get acceptednegotiating with sellersconducting due diligence, and lining up private money within weeks of enrolling - and the best part of the Owner Forum is that Charles Dobens, the Multifamily Attorney, will be looking over your shoulder and working with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

In addition, the following can be made available to you:

Earnest Money Deposit – We can provide you with 50K, and will help you provide the P&S. 

Key Principals - We introduce you to qualified Key Principals who can assist you in getting a mortgage. 

Equity Assist Program – To help you fund your deals / get down payment funding.

You have access to Charles Dobens at any time!



An Action Plan and Roadmap Developed for YOU by Charles Dobens

Join us right now, at any level, and we'll unlock for you your PERSONAL, CUSTOMIZED ACTION PLAN on how to LAUNCH and Grow your Multifamily Investing Business!

Your initial Action Plan will be followed by subsequent ones as needed going forward. When you have reached the goals of one action plan you and Charles will meet again to develop the next phase for you.